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Embedded World 2024 | ESWIN Computing SoC backs SiFive’s highest performance RISC-V development board

The embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2024, the world’s largest gathering of its kind, was held in Nuremberg, Germany from April 9 to 11. The prestigious event brought together nearly one thousand leading electronics companies from around the world to show off their state-of-the-art embedded technologies and applications like ICs, module motherboards, communication technologies, system integration, and software. Among them, SiFive, the founder and leader of RISC-V computing, unveiled the HiFive Premier P550, the highest performance RISC-V development board in the industry, and its master control chip, the EIC7700 edge computing SoC, comes from ESWIN Computing.


The ESWIN EIC7700 edge computing SoC found on the HiFive Premier P550, its latest RISC-V development board by SiFive (inside the red box)

The EIC7700 edge computing SoC based on the RISC-V architecture is specially designed to meet the computing needs of modern workloads such as machine vision, video analysis, and AI PCs. With exceptional computing density and performance, the SoC features a high performance 64-bit three-issue, out-of-order, SiFive RISC-V P550 core complex, a 2D/3D GPU, hardware video encoder/decoder, NPU, DSP, MIPI DSI, a security subsystem, an integrated high speed DDR5 memory controller, root complex PCI Express Gen 3 x4, and standard peripherals.

It adopts ESWIN’s independently developed power-efficient NPU matrix and vector computing module and supports full-stack floating point operations to guarantee the precision of large language models. The DNN processor provides computing power of 13.3 TOPS at INT8 precision, which can meet the needs for classification, detection, segmentation, and tracking. It has strong codec capabilities that support 32-channel 1080p 30-frame video decoding and 13-channel 1080p 30-frame video encoding, and can be paralleled with the reasoning function. The image signal processor (ISP) has multiple hardware acceleration functions for image processing, such as image enhancement, dynamic contrast enhancement, and distortion correction, and offers a rich set of external interfaces for multimedia input and output, PCIe, and Ethernet.

Plus, the EIC7700 has a dual-die edition which uses the 112GB cache coherent dual-die interconnect technology to achieve double cores, computing power, bandwidth, and interfaces without the need of modifying the software and increasing BOM material costs.

To help customers break new ground in more application scenarios of edge computing, the EIC7700 comes in three forms: IC, PCIe board, and smart AI edge station. It supports AI high-precision large language models and provides high-performance, power-efficient AI solutions for security operations, smart manufacturing, smart education, and other application scenarios.

At the exhibition, SiFive showed a demo of the HiFive Premier P550 on PC. The development board enabled stable and smooth real-time image processing, drawing a large crowd of professional visitors.


Visitors communicate with staff about the HiFive Premier P550