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Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

Our consumer electronics solutions mainly focus on self-developed main control SoCs, combined with a wide range of self-developed Display Driver ICs, PMICs, TCON ICs, Touch ICs, and Wi-Fi ICs, to provide a diversified product portfolios. Modern electronic devices, such as smart TVs, monitors, notebooks, tablets, mobiles, wearable devices, and commercial displays, are availale, thus creating a convenient and excellent experience.

Consumer Electronics
Smart TV SoCs
Smart TV SoCs

Built with the multi-core CPUs, ESWIN Smart TV SoCs support multi-task scheduling while balancing performance, with a maximum resolution and refresh rate of 4K 144Hz, meeting the high-load scenarios needs such as multi-window viewing and multi-person real-time calls;

Built in AI processing unit, Smart TV SoCs can accurately identify various image scenarios, and dynamically optimize the display panels in terms of ambient lighting, sound field, etc., to comprehensively improve users’ cinematic experience;

Smart TV SoCs own rich interface configurations to meet diversified needs of customers in various scenarios.

Wi-Fi 6 ICs
Wi-Fi 6 ICs

ESWIN Wi-Fi 6 ICs support MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies to effectively solve the problems such as playback delay and lag of high-quality films, meeting the bandwidth requirements of 4K/8K TV contents, thus improving the cinematic experience.


Built with self-developed RISC-V processor, ESWIN Local Dimming and Picture Quality (LDPQ) ICs adopt local dimming algorithms and support up to 5000 partition backlight adjustment, effectively solving the phenomenon of image smearing, blurring, etc. The image quality processing algorithms help to deliver true-to-life image quality.


ESWIN TCON ICs meet diversified resolution requirements of TVs and effectively improve the image quality.

Display Driver ICs
Display Driver ICs

ESWIN Display Driver ICs support display panel products with up to 8K resolution and 8-bit color depth to deliver dedicate true-to-life image quality.


ESWIN PMICs feature efficient power management abilities and low standby power consumption so that the display panels can present excellent performance in terms of resolution, refresh rate, contrast, saturation, etc.

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Products Categories

Products Models
TVsSmart TV SoCsTV SoCsEMV6058
TVsLDQP ICsBacklight Control ICsEMS9012
TVsWi-Fi ICsWi-Fi TransceiverECR6600U
TVsWi-Fi ICsWi-Fi TransceiverECR6600UA
TV display panelsTCON ICsTCON ICsEPT9561-A
TV display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEPD9171
TV display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEW9180
TV display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEPD9111
TV display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9610-C
TV display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9610-A
TV display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9610-D
TV display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9601
TV display panelsDisplay PMICsOPAEPP2101
TV display panelsDisplay PMICsOPAEPP9694
monitorsMNT ScalersMNT ScalersEMM9500
monitor display panelsTCON ICsTCON ICsEPT9542
monitor display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEPD9083
monitor display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEPD9186
monitor display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEPD9111
monitor display panelsDisplay PMICsLCD PMICsEPP9620
monitor display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9610-A
monitor display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9610-D
monitor display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9601
monitor display panelsDisplay PMICsOPAEPP2101
monitor display panelsDisplay PMICsOPAEPP9694
notebook display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEW9082
notebook display panelsDisplay Driver ICsSource Driver ICsEPD9121
notebook display panelsDisplay PMICsLCD PMICsEPP9931
notebook display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9610-A
notebook display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9610-D
notebook display panelsDisplay PMICsLevel ShifterEW9601
notebook display panelsDisplay PMICsOPAEPP2101
notebook display panelsDisplay PMICsOPAEPP9694
notebook display panelsDisplay PMICsLED Driver ICsEPP9723
tablet display panelsDisplay PMICsLED Driver ICsEPP9723
mobile display panelsTDDI ICsLCD TDDI ICsEPD6303
mobile display panelsDisplay Driver ICsOLED Source Driver ICsEW8818
mobile display panelsDisplay Driver ICsOLED Source Driver ICsEPD8819
mobile display panelsTouch ICsTouch ICsEPH8611
mobile display panelsTouch ICsTouch ICsEPH8621
mobile display panelsIntelligent Terminal Power ICsOLED PMICsEPC9905
wearable devices display panelsIntelligent Terminal Power ICsOLED PMICsEPC9988
wearable devices display panelsIntelligent Terminal Power ICsOLED PMICsEPC9910
commercial displaysSmart TV SoCsCommercial Display SoCsEMC6650
commercial display panelsLDPQ ICsBacklight Control ICsEMS9012
commercial display panelsDisplay Drive ICsSource Driver ICsEW9181
commercial display panelsDisplay Drive ICsGate Driver ICsEW9401