Software Solutions

ESWIN IDE is an integrated software development environment, whose core concept is to integrate the development and debugging functions together,  providing comprehensive, efficient, and convenient development and debugging supports for embedded software and Linux software developers.


Main Functions Description
Code Generator Plugin automatic generation of source code for basic driver codes
RTOS awareness RTOS information display, such as Event log, Task/ Queue/ Timer/ Heap View, etc.
Trace recording and playback E-Trace and N-Trace recording and playback
FLASH programming and breakpoint debugging Flash breakpoint debugging
SOC snapshot snapshot export and restore of SoC states at a specific moment
Linux full flow debugging whole process source code debugging of OpenSBI/ U-Boot/ Kernel/ App
Linux Profiler Linux application performance statistics: function execution time, code coverage, etc
Linux OS awareness Guest Linux OS information display, such as Process Table, File System Show, Virtual-Physical Address Translation and Multi-Application Processes Debug