Security IPs
Security IPs

HSM  (Hardware Security Module) Evita (E-safety vehicle intrusion protected applications) is a series of automotive safety IPs independently developed by ESWIN, which meet Evita Full/Medium/Light specifications.

Vehicle HSM is a kind of hardware module specifically designed for encrypting and protecting sensitive information in automotive electronic devices. Its main technical principle and functions are to store keys and sensitive data in secure hardware module, and provide encryption, decryption and authentication functions to protect the confidentiality and integrity of vehicle communication and data exchange.

It typically adopts high-strength encryption algorithms such as AES, RSA, ECC and physical security measures such as anti-disassembly, anti-physical attack and anti-side channel attack, to protect the security of keys and data. At the same time, interfaces and protocols are provided for safely communicating with vehicular electronic systems such as vehicular communication, vehicular entertainment and vehicular navigation.

The security IPs can be applied to automotive information security products and V2X (Vehicle to X) products.



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