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Cellular IoT
Cellular IoT

We provide cellular IoT devices adopted cellular communication technologies to bring great convenience to our daily life, empowering a smart society where everything is connected. The devices are widely used not only in scenarios like QR scanning for shared mobility, shared charging, and financial payments, but also sectors requiring monitoring and traceability, for example, transportation, healthcare, and agriculture.

Our solutions including 4G Cat.1, 4G Cat.4/5G RedCap SoCs. Built with self-developed RISC-V processors, each single-chip integrates 4G/5G communication baseband, RF, power management modules, and protocol stacks, featuring high stability and high reliability, low power consumption, and high performance WAN IoT experiences.

Cellular IoT
Application Product List
Segmentation ScenarioProductsProduct CategoriesProduct Models
Cellular IoTLTE Cat.1 LTE Cat.1 SoCECM9100‐A
Cellular IoTLTE Cat.1 LTE Cat.1 SoCECM9100‐P