Software Solutions

ESWIN Toolchain provides  a  GCC-based  compiler,  assembler,  linker, QEMU, GDB, and a series of tools and basic libraries for users to facilitate software development, debugging, and simulation based on ESWIN CPU products. ESWIN Toolchain is a major contributor to the GCC community's Zc*, Zicond, Vector Cryptography, and other RISC-V standard extensions, as well as a problem-solving  provider of many bug fixes.


supporting for RISC-V standard extension: RV64GC, RV32GC, RV32E, B, P, V, Zc*, Zicond, Cryptography, RVA23, etc
supporting for ESWIN custom RISC-V extension: HSE, ARITH, EXT, CACHE, DCACHE, SADD, etc
better performance and smaller code size compared to the open source GNU compiler