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Communication Base Stations
Communication Base Stations

As the further improved width and depth of 5G network coverage, the 5G industry applications improvement has effectively promoted. Stay ahead of the latest trends, we provide low power consumption and highly integrated 5G communication base station solutions for industry, healthcare, education, transportation, etc., with self-developed 5G RF Transceiver ICs as the core. effectively reducing Thus, the construction, operation and maintenance costs of 5G network are effectively reduced, better empowering industrial applications.

For commercial-level scenarios, we provide solutions of indoor coverage of distributed base stations and repeater equipment, to meet the application requirements of 5G+UHD video, 5G+AR/VR, etc. For enterprise-level scenarios, industrial small cell base stations are available to meet the 5G businesses needs such as industrial industry, healthcare, education and transportation. For home-level scenarios, we offer femto base stations solutions to serve the application needs, such as smart home, entertainment, gaming and home-based elderly care.

Communication Base Stations
Application Product List
Segmentation ScenarioProductsProduct CategoriesProduct Models
communication base stationsRF Transceiver ICsRF Transceiver ICsECR866X Series
communication base stationsRF Transceiver ICsRF Transceiver ICsECR865X Series
communication base stationsRF Transceiver ICsRF Transceiver ICsECT8676 Series