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ESWIN Computing Wins 2023 “IP Pioneer Award” from the China Open Instruction Ecosystem (RISC-V) Alliance

In January 2024, in order to further promote the rapid development of the RISC-V industry ecology in China, the China Open Command Ecology (RISC-V) Alliance held its 2023 annual meeting in Xiamen. ESWIN Computing won the 2023 “IP Pioneer Award” of the China Open Instruction Ecosystem (RISC-V) Alliance for its rich 32-bit and 64-bit serialized CPU IPs.

With the theme of "Open Cooperation, Win-Win Future", the conference invited representatives from government departments, industries, academia and related organizations to discuss the global development trend of RISC-V and the sustainable development of China's RISC-V industrial ecology, and promote the deep integration of related industrial chains for a win-win future. 


China Open Instruction Ecology (RISC-V) Alliance "IP Pioneer Award" award ceremony 

ESWIN Computing is a provider of next-generation computing architecture chips and solutions based on RISC-V. Since its establishment in 2019, it has always been committed to the independent research and development of RISC-V computing architecture and promoted the large-scale application of RISC-V architecture chip products.

At present, ESWIN Computing has formed a full-stack platform integrating software and hardware, and has developed a full range of 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-V CPU IPs, covering the full range of low power consumption, high cost performance, high energy efficiency, high performance, etc., and has the technical advantages of higher frequency, smaller area, lower power consumption, and better comprehensive indicators under the same configuration. For different application scenarios such as multimedia, wireless connectivity, automotive, and edge computing, the self-developed kernel can provide a wide range of options, which can be tailored, customized, and optimized in a more targeted manner, maximizing product performance, reducing costs and power consumption, and enhancing product competitiveness. At present, ESWIN Computing's self-developed RISC-V CPU IPs has been applied to 40 RISC-V products on a large scale.

In the future, ESWIN Computing will continue to increase R&D investment in RISC-V, provide customers with customized products and solutions with RISC-V as the core underlying technology, and work with upstream and downstream industry chain partners to jointly promote the prosperity and development of RISC-V and help RISC-V become the third pole of global computing architecture!