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ESWIN Computing Display Driver IC Helps Honor 100 Debut!

On November 23rd, the highly anticipated Honor 100 was officially released, the product is equipped with a 6.7-inch flexible OLED streamer quad curved screen, supporting 1.5K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and the first "Glory Oasis Eye Protection Screen", which performs well in terms of screen display, eye protection technology and power consumption and battery life.


Honor 10

The Honor 100 is equipped with ESWIN Computing’s OLED display driver IC EPD8818, which uses advanced visual effects algorithms and low-power solutions to truly restore the details of the picture, achieve high-quality visual enjoyment and eye protection, and effectively help improve the battery life of the mobile phone.


New display technology lights up the screen "magic"

ESWIN Computing's self-developed EPD8818 can support up to 1.5K resolution, integrating folding cascade and a variety of visual effect optimization algorithms. The new sub-pixel rendering technology supports a variety of AMOLED pixel layouts to better restore the details of text images, and the rounded corner compensation technology avoids problems such as color edges and edge jagged to the greatest extent, demonstrating high-quality image management capabilities.

With the increasing application scenarios of mobile phones and the increasing amount of time people spending on screens, eye health has become one of the core demands of consumers. Honor 100 debuted the "Glory Oasis Eye Protection Screen", which adopts 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero-risk dimming and eye protection technology, which overcomes the problem of visual fatigue caused by low-frequency PWM dimming, so that consumers can have an excellent eye protection experience when using mobile phones in a dim environment. ESWIN Computing EPD8818 has 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, zero-flicker display frequency switching algorithm, blue light suppression, brightness and color temperature control, and other technologies, which are effectively integrated with the display and the whole machine system to bring consumers a better eye care experience.

Low-power solutions for increased battery life

In consumer electronics, technical challenges such as severe heat generation and short battery life are always a topic of concern for consumers. In this regard, EPD8818 adopts low-power solutions such as ESWIN Computing's self-developed dynamic voltage adjustment technology and voltage compensation technology, which supports the screen to automatically adjust to different voltage levels under different brightness, which can make up the voltage in time when it is below the voltage set point, accurately control, greatly reduce the power consumption of the product, and enhance the battery life of the product.

In addition, the chip also supports a variable refresh rate of 1~144Hz. In the case of low refresh rate, it can effectively reduce power consumption and increase the battery life of the whole machine, and in the case of high refresh rate, it presents a smoother and more natural picture than before. The superposition of a variety of low-power technologies makes the Honor 100 have better battery life.

ESWIN Computing's next-generation OLED display driver ICs will be equipped with industry-leading technologies such as self-developed LTPO partition refresh, multi-frame brightness compensation, new display unevenness compensation algorithm (Demura) and screen brightness compensation algorithm (Deburn-in), and support high-frequency PWM dimming technology, local adaptive peak brightness, higher resolution and ultra-low power consumption, better empowering end products.

“We are honored to work with HONOR to promote iterative upgrades in terms of screen display effects, battery life and power consumption, and we will continue to improve our IC technology and products to help HONOR and other terminal brands bring more high-quality products to consumers,” said Ni Enwei, General Manager of ESWIN Computing Display Interaction Business Unit. ESWIN Computing is one of the few suppliers in China that can provide OLED display solutions, and also has a complete product line and mature products in driver chips, touch chips, power chips and other related fields, which can provide customized OLED display solutions around customer needs. ”

“ESWIN Computing EPD8818 is one of the few domestic display driver chips that have been mass-produced in the mass production of OLED displays for mid-to-high-end mobile phones, and this cooperation allows us to see ESWIN Computing's strength in technology and product innovation and its determination to ‘help customers succeed’,” said the relevant person in charge of Honor. All along, HONOR has adhered to the underlying innovation and forward-looking technology investment, and looks forward to colliding with ESWIN in the future cooperation to bring consumers a more extreme and excellent user experience. ”

(Source: ijiwei.com)