Automotive Systems

Built with self-developed 32-bit automotive-qualified RISC-V processors, ESWIN Automotive MCUs feature excellent system performance, multiple interfaces, easy for development, high safety and high reliability, which can be applied to a wide range of fields such as intelligent instrument/smart cockpit control, automotive instrument display control, doors/windows/locks/sunroofs/electronic rear door control, seat adjustment, air conditioners, and active pretighten safety belt.

In addition, with the continuous accumulation of core technologies, ESWIN further extends the application field of MCU to industrial and other fields, assisting customers in shortening product design cycles and reducing system development costs, to achieve better performance. ESWIN MCUs can be applied to various low-power control, different types of industrial motor control, energy control and management, and other application scenarios.

Product List
Select Application Scenario Product Categories Product Models Product Specification
Processors Flash(MB) SRAM(KB) Security Mechanism Functional Safety Interfaces Operating Temperature (℃) Packaging (mm) Specs
automotive MCUs EAM2011 RISC-V 160MHz 1024 128 AEC - Q100 Grade 2 Capabel to ASIL - B CAN x 4 SPI x 4 UART / LIN x 6 I2C x 2 -40 - 105 LQFP 64pin LQFP 100pin LQFP 144pin
automotive MCUs EAM2010 RISC-V 160MHz 512 64 AEC - Q100 Grade 2 Capabel to ASIL - B CAN x 3 SPI x 3 UART / LIN x 4 I2C x 2 -40 - 105 LQFP 48pin LQFP 64pin LQFP 100pin
automotive MCUs EMU5103 RISC-V 100MHz 128 32 AEC - Q100 Grade 1 - CAN - FD x 1 SPI x 3 UART / LIN x 2 I2C x 2 LIN transceiver x 1 -40 - 125 QFN 48pin
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